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Polyslab® Pizza Bases enter hot water system market

Product+-+Polyslab+Pizza+BaseThe Pizza Base is a slimline hot water system (HWS) support base that is already finding an important place in the HWS market.

All leading plumbing supplies retailers and wholesalers are currently stocking the one-size-fits-all Pizza Bases. The HWS support is available in 650, 520 and 410mm diameters all in one product. Thanks to their innovative ‘snap-away’ design, plumbers can snap away the outer rings of the base for the smaller sizes.

Pizza Bases are designed and engineered to meet the hot water system installation standard ASNZ3500, specifically the airflow and support ratio and corrosion avoidance measures.

Evolve Composites’ Alyson Dunlop said that by sliding a Polyslab Pizza Base between the hot water system base and the supporting surface, legislation needs are easily met.

“Supporting surfaces can include concrete plinths or pathways, and they are great for safe-tray applications,” added Alyson. “They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.”

Pizza Bases are 12mm thick and made from a highly durable UV stabilised co-polymer material.

“They are lightweight yet carry an impressive 1000 kilogram load rating. This base is tough enough to carry the weight of any hot water system on the market,” said Alyson.

All Polyslab bases are Australian made from 100 per cent recycled materials, meaning that the snap away excess material can be re-used and recycled.

“What our distributors are enjoying about pizza bases are the significant economic advantage that they provide by immediately reducing inventory and associated costs by 66 per cent,” explained Alyson.

“Retailers and plumbers only need to hold one product to match any hot water system sizing.”