Pizza Bases roll out nationally

Since the launch of Polyslab Pizza Bases, these hot water system support bases are becoming rapidly popular in the plumbing sector.

The popularity of the Pizza Base lies in its advanced design features. Plumbers have embraced the product as it is high quality, easy to use, one size fits all, Australian made and recycled. The rapid market uptake is reflective of the product’s simplicity, durability, and design features that have created a functional product with real cost and inventory benefits.

The standout feature of the bases is the innovative ‘snap-away’ design so installers simply snap away the outer ring for the required size reducing inventory requirements. The Pizza Base meets ASNZ3500 installation standard in terms of airflow and support ratios.

Anyone can now get their hands on a Pizza Base at their local plumbing supplies branch, no matter where they are based right across Australia.