RectorSeal® Wins Product Design Award for AC Leak Freeze PRO

AC Leak Freeze® Pro with Magic Frost wins a silver Dealer Design Award sponsored by Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration News Magazine.

Houston–RectorSeal® LLC, a manufacturer of quality HVAC/R products, won a Silver product design award July 24 for its AC Leak Freeze® PRO with Magic Frost refrigerant leak sealant in the 14th annual Dealer Design Awards (DDA) Program’s “Components & Accessories” category. Sponsored by the weekly trade magazine Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News (ACHR News), AC Leak Freeze PRO with Magic Frost, was judged by an independent panel of HVAC contractors and competed with 80 other product design entries.

AC Leak Freeze PRO was introduced last January and is a quick, easy and safe applicator for applying RectorSeal’s renowned AC Leak Freeze refrigerant leak sealant into commercial and residential air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Unlike some disposable refrigerant leak sealant applicators, AC Leak Freeze Pro doesn’t require a labor-intensive R-410A system pump down and safely withstands all typical refrigerant pressures. The Magic Frost portion of the patent-pending AC Leak Freeze formula is a lubricant additive that extends compressor lifecycles.

Approved as an OEM product by many tool and compressor manufacturers, AC Leak Freeze Pro with Magic Frost is the HVAC/R industry’s safest formula for service technician and the refrigeration system. Its proven compatibility flows with the system refrigerant/oil to permanently seal small leaks and prevent them in the future. The AC Leak Freeze PRO with Magic Frost formula is not moisture activated, has a safer flashpoint rating than the competition, and doesn’t use or create polymers that can potentially clog compressors, recovery/evacuation units, Schrader valves, capillary tubes, TXV valves, micro channels or manifold gauges.

AC Leak Freeze PRO helps preserve the environment from refrigerant leaks. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that emissions of HFC and PFC refrigerants were 149.9 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2015, a figure that doesn’t include the widely-used HCFC refrigerant R-22.

“These awards give us a unique opportunity to recognize the outstanding research and development efforts that go into many of the products serving the HVAC/R industry,” said Mike Murphy, publisher, ACHR News, which is distributed nationally to more than 33,000 members of the HVAC/R industry.

AC Leak Freeze®

LeakFreezeAC Leak Freeze® is the leading air conditioning and refrigerant leak repair solution in the US today. All products are OEM Approved and Made in the USA. AC Leak Freeze is ideal for preventative maintenance and leak protection.

Q. What is AC Leak Freeze?

A. It is a polymer-free formula that seals air conditioning and refrigeration leaks and does not react with moisture. Most competitive products have polymers and work by reacting with moisture.

Q. How is A/C Leak Freeze?

A. Under 40psi depress plunger where product moves through clear hose to and out the end of the ¼” or 5/16” adapter, connect to suction/ low pressure service port, follow with needed refrigerant.

B. 40-80psi place syringe with product pushed through adapter hose in caulk gun attach to suction or low pressure service port, follow with needed refrigerant.

C. (410A) Over 80psi put system in shallow vacuum on high side and place syringe with product pushed through adapter hose in caulk gun attach to suction or low pressure service port, follow with needed refrigerant.

D. (410A) Over 80psi put A/C Leak Freeze product in oil injector, purge air out ,close up. Connect refrigerant line purge air from line as well. Open refrigerant to push product through yellow refrigerant hose through manifold and into system.

Better Australian/NZ HVAC/R Contractor Job Profits

(clockwise from upper left) Headlining RectorSeal Australia's recent import of dozens of HVAC/R products are the Desolv™ Cleaning Kit; Mighty Bracket ductless minisplit evaporator installation support tool; Fortress™ aesthetic lineset protection duct and fittings; and NoKink™--the industry's first flexible, non-kinking refrigerant line connector.

(clockwise from upper left) Headlining RectorSeal Australia’s recent import of dozens of HVAC/R products are the Desolv™ Cleaning Kit; Mighty Bracket ductless minisplit evaporator installation support tool; Fortress™ aesthetic lineset protection duct and fittings; and NoKink™–the industry’s first flexible, non-kinking refrigerant line connector.

RectorSeal Australia’s imports are headlined by award-winning Mighty Bracket minisplit evaporator installation support tool & other A/C products.

Installing and servicing ductless minisplit air conditioners and other HVAC systems just became quicker, easier and more profitable for Australian contractors, thanks to dozens of newly-imported tools and accessories available Nov. 1 at all Australian/NZ HVAC/R wholesalers.

The products are imported by RectorSeal Australia Pty. Ltd., Brisbane, the Australian national distributor of U.S.-based HVAC/R and plumbing product manufacturer RectorSeal Corp.  RectorSeal Corp’s Evo-Crete and PolySlab HVAC/R brand acquisition from Evolve Group, Brisbane, last year established its Australian/NZ market foothold. RectorSeal Australia’s next phase is now the importation of selected products from its 78-year-old parent company’s 350-sku product line.

While dozens of the imported products are commodity items such as RectorSeal Corp’s world-renowned pipe sealants, fluxes, compressor acid detectors and acid eliminators, minisplit accessories and system cleaning agents, the list is headlined by:

  • Mighty Bracket–The world’s first ductless minisplit a/c evaporator support tool and a Gold Medal winner of the Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration News Magazine’s 2015 Design Awards competition judged by contractors.
  • Desolv Cleaning Kit–The industry’s quickest and most convenient wrap-around, property-protecting kit for the cleaning and post clean-up of all ductless minisplit air conditioner evaporator coils and blower fan blades.
  • NoKink–the HVAC industry’s first flexible, non-kinking refrigerant line connector for quick, easy and more reliable refrigerant lineset connections to wall and ceiling-mounted minisplit evaporators.
  • Fortress— a complete, aesthetic and easy-to-install line of PVC-constructed protection duct and fittings for air conditioning linesets featuring UV and weather resistant surfaces.

    For more information on RectorSeal Australia, please contact customer and technical support departments at P.O. Box 3119, Contra DC QLD 4019, +61-7-3284-1114,

Evo-Crete® vs concrete: A crack is not a crack

Evo-Crete+AC+Blocks+-+Complete+Mounting+KitThe technology of Evo-Crete® is defying all common concrete conceptions, including the generally accepted notion that a crack spells the end for the usefulness of a concrete slab.

Evo-Crete is ultra-lightweight fibre reinforced concrete that is three times lighter than standard concrete. It is a lightweight alternative with superior strength-to-weight properties over standard heavy pre-cast concrete products.

One key ingredient to Evo-Crete’s success is the proprietary blend of Evo-Fibre polyolefin fibre reinforcing. When added to a concrete mix the unique blend of Evo-Fibre provides improved abrasion resistance, as well as increased flexural and compressive strength.

As Evo-Fibre is distributed evenly throughout the concrete mix, the three-dimensional reinforcement matrix ensures maximum durability and product stability. Evo-Fibre helps prevent cracking in the first instance (pre-crack reinforcement) and offers excellent post-crack reinforcement.


Pizza Bases roll out nationally

Since the launch of Polyslab Pizza Bases, these hot water system support bases are becoming rapidly popular in the plumbing sector.

The popularity of the Pizza Base lies in its advanced design features. Plumbers have embraced the product as it is high quality, easy to use, one size fits all, Australian made and recycled. The rapid market uptake is reflective of the product’s simplicity, durability, and design features that have created a functional product with real cost and inventory benefits.

The standout feature of the bases is the innovative ‘snap-away’ design so installers simply snap away the outer ring for the required size reducing inventory requirements. The Pizza Base meets ASNZ3500 installation standard in terms of airflow and support ratios.

Anyone can now get their hands on a Pizza Base at their local plumbing supplies branch, no matter where they are based right across Australia.

Polyslab® Pizza Bases enter hot water system market

Product+-+Polyslab+Pizza+BaseThe Pizza Base is a slimline hot water system (HWS) support base that is already finding an important place in the HWS market.

All leading plumbing supplies retailers and wholesalers are currently stocking the one-size-fits-all Pizza Bases. The HWS support is available in 650, 520 and 410mm diameters all in one product. Thanks to their innovative ‘snap-away’ design, plumbers can snap away the outer rings of the base for the smaller sizes.

Pizza Bases are designed and engineered to meet the hot water system installation standard ASNZ3500, specifically the airflow and support ratio and corrosion avoidance measures.

Evolve Composites’ Alyson Dunlop said that by sliding a Polyslab Pizza Base between the hot water system base and the supporting surface, legislation needs are easily met.

“Supporting surfaces can include concrete plinths or pathways, and they are great for safe-tray applications,” added Alyson. “They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.”

Pizza Bases are 12mm thick and made from a highly durable UV stabilised co-polymer material.

“They are lightweight yet carry an impressive 1000 kilogram load rating. This base is tough enough to carry the weight of any hot water system on the market,” said Alyson.

All Polyslab bases are Australian made from 100 per cent recycled materials, meaning that the snap away excess material can be re-used and recycled.

“What our distributors are enjoying about pizza bases are the significant economic advantage that they provide by immediately reducing inventory and associated costs by 66 per cent,” explained Alyson.

“Retailers and plumbers only need to hold one product to match any hot water system sizing.”

FAQ on Evo-Crete®

Evo-Crete+-+Ripple+Renders.77.jpg1)      What is Evo-crete as distinct from traditional concrete?

  • Evo-Crete pre-cast blocks are made using Evo-Fibre’s unique polymer fibres to provide reinforcement to our proprietary formula, making them a lightweight alternative to standard concrete.
  • Evo-Crete is three times lighter than standard concrete and due to their manufacturing process, can be cast in any shape or size to suit job specifications
  • Strong and stable and due to the unique cellular matrix and Evo-Fibre reinforcing won’t crack like concrete, should they suffer accidental impact.
  • The material allows for fixing down using self-tapping screws or large batten screws and no pre-drilling is required. A block can be modified using a standard timber handsaw.


Polyslab® making mining life easier and attractive

DSCF2562A number of industries have recently been taking advantage of Polyslab to meet various site requirements.

Polyslab® Pump Cover are available in 15 different colours and one site used the Pump Cover in Mist Green to match with their dongas and increase aesthetics.

Polyslab® is Australian made from 100 per cent recycled materials. This low impact on the environment has proved an important factor for many site managers.

The UV stabilised Pump Cover protects pumps from everything the harsh Australian environment has to offer, including protection from sun, rain, corrosion, and overheating. It has been designed in consultation with leading Australian and international pump manufacturers.

The Polyslab® Pump Cover is suited to both domestic and commercial application, used for the majority of equipment including irrigation and reticulation systems, and the submersible bore pumps. A matching Polyslab Base is including the Cover raising the pump 50mm above surrounding ground, providing even more protection. Fixing equipment to a Polyslab base is easy with no risk of splitting a slab while drilling.

Polyslab® is lightweight alleviating issues with the manual handling risks of heavy concrete. Polyslab® Equipment Bases can be used for air conditioners, generators and provides OH&S-friendly solutions.


RectorSeal Australia Pty. Ltd.

DSCN2411The RectorSeal Corporation, Houston, Texas USA is pleased to announce the formation of a new company, RectorSeal Australia Pty. Ltd. located in Brisbane, Queensland.  RectorSeal is a 77 year old company that specializes in accessories products and specialty chemical products for the HVAC and plumbing industries.

Effective August 15, 2014, RectorSeal acquired the Evo-Crete® and Polyslab® product lines from the Evolve Group also located in Brisbane. Evolve Group will continue to offer and supply other products under their name and  focus on the many other industries they currently serve. RectorSeal Australia will continue to focus on the Plumbing, HVAC and Irrigation markets. Evo-Crete® and Polyslab® will continue to be manufactured in Australia at the same factory assuring continued quality with no interruption in service or delivery.

We are also pleased to announce that two of Evolve Group’s former associates, Paul Brooks, National Sales Manager and Rebeca Beeby, administrative assistant, have agreed join the RectorSeal team to ensure  that the transition is smooth from the Evolve Group to RectorSeal Australia.

RectorSeal Corporation currently manufactures about 350 specialty products designed for the professional tradesmen. This product offering includes chemical specialty products for the plumbing market and a full line of HVAC accessory items focused primarily at the ductless mini-split industry.  In the near future, it is our hope to extend this product offering to include many innovative and unique products that will make the contractor’s job easier and more cost effective. In the meantime, our primary goal is to ensure that we provide the highest quality Evo-Crete® and Polyslab® products without any interruption and in a timely manner.

On behalf of all the RectorSeal associates and our colleagues  here in Brisbane, we are happy to now be serving Australia and look forward to meeting our valued customers soon.




The RectorSeal Corporation, founded in 1937 is a leading manufacturer of chemical specialty and accessory products for the Plumbing and HVAC markets located in the US. RectorSeal is proud to announce the newly established RectorSeal Australia Pty. LTD. Located in Brisbane. RectorSeal recently acquired the AC pad and pump cover line from Evolve Group. We are working hard to make this a smooth transition, that the high quality of the products continue and there is no interruption in service. We will continue to bring you innovative and unique products. In the near future, we will extend our product offering to make the contractors job easier and most cost effective.