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Outset Jacket


  • Hook and loop fastening bonded and sewn
  • Won’t fray, cut with confidence
  • Class II vapor retarder
  • UV resistant
  • Cable ties provided for extra secure fit
Product Codes

Product Description

Outset Jacket is an innovative hook and loop PVC foam insulation jacket that provides a simple, easy, compliant, and reusable covering for HVAC linesets. Outset Jacket can be installed directly over new or existing lineset foam or rubberized insulations. When properly installed, it provides a secure, breathable, tight fit, covering multiple lineset diameters. Outset Jacket is designed to meet or exceed building code regulations requiring the protection of the insulation on HVAC linesets.

Product Documents

Product Code / ModelDescription Quantity
BSC126Bfor 1/2" pipe, 6 ft length24
BSC1275Bfor 1/2" pipe, 75 ft length 1
BSC346Bfor 3/4" pipe, 6 ft length24
BSC3475Bfor 3/4" pipe, 75 ft length1
BSC16B for 1" pipe, 6 ft length24
BSC175B for 1" pipe, 75 ft length1