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BreakFree Power Tube Bender


  • Battery-Driven Effortless Bending: Powerful for large-size tubing.
  • Push and hold for 90° bending, and stop at any time for customized angles.
  • Automatic tube release.
  • Patented Tubing Size Selector: 7 sizes in one selector, easy to switch to different tubing size settings.
  • Easy Operation: Ergonomic handle design.
  • Large Lithium Battery: Over 100 bends per charge. Quick charge in 30 minutes. Battery power indicator shows you remaining battery life.
  • Quick connect mandrels and crossbar.
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Product Description

HVAC Service Techs often face a formidable challenge when bending large-diameter tubes. It’s a labor-intensive, precision-demanding task that can be incredibly frustrating. The struggle doesn’t end there; extracting the tube from a conventional bender mandrel adds another layer of frustration.

Enter the NAVTEK NTB7L, a game-changer designed to tackle this challenge. Suitable for tubing sizing 1/4” to 7/8” OD, this innovative tool redefines the experience. It not only saves you substantial time and labor but also simplifies the process considerably. With the convenience of a single controller switch, you can effortlessly bend the tube to your desired angle. Once the bend is complete, the baffle automatically pushes the tube out, while the tool resets, making tube removal a breeze.

The large-capacity lithium battery of the NTB7L can perform over 100 bends on a single charge and recharges fully in just 30 minutes. This groundbreaking tool has been engineered to empower HVAC professionals by simplifying tube bending, enhancing precision, and saving valuable time and effort. Say goodbye to the challenges of traditional bending methods and welcome the future with the NAVTEK NTB7L.