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What is Evo-Crete®?

Evo-Crete® is a dynamic, Ultra Lightweight Cellular Concrete – 3 times lighter than standard concrete. Evo-Crete is highly reinforced with a proprietary blend of several different polyolefin fibres offering superior strength to weight properties, durability and quality over current heavy concrete, polystyrene filled and foam blended concrete products on the market today. Evo-Crete products represent the highest level of engineering technology and set the new standard for ultra lightweight concrete products. Derived from extensive research and development, Evo-Crete technology has a long history of demonstrated success across a variety of industries including Mining, HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air-Conditioning), Refrigeration, Electrical, Plumbing, Construction, Rural and more. Put simply, Evo-Crete is an ultra lightweight alternative to concrete.

Evo-Crete’s unique proprietary formula involving engineered fibre reinforcements is what sets Evo-Crete apart from inferior standard and lightweight concretes. As Evo-Crete is made from the same base materials as everyday concrete, it will not suffer from the effects of exposure to sunlight and the elements, more importantly it will outlast the equipment it supports. Evo-Crete alleviates issues associated with Workplace Health and Safety manual handling risks due to its lightweight, user friendly properties. It won’t lead to injuries common with lifting standard heavy concrete such as sprains, strains, abrasions, cuts and bruises. Evo-Crete is the lightweight, Eco-Friendly, Australian made, wholly Australian owned, innovative solution you’ve been looking for.

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