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G-O-N nozzle is made of cast nickel brass construction with bonded, threaded and sealed PVC insert allowing nozzle to glue directly onto PVC pipe. Escutcheon is cast nickel brass with security ring.

Escutcheon is installed prior to nozzle thereby inhibiting theft or loss of escutcheon.

• Use G-O-N for easier installation of wall drainage.
• PVC insert allows quick gluing.
• Nickel Brass finish provides professional appearance.
• One step process eliminates the need for addition site work to coordinate with masonry or stucco crew

Product Codes

Product Codes And Case Sizes
Product CodeSizeQuantityUPCInterleaved
82700GON 2″ Glue On Nozzle1NA10021449827000
82703GON 3″ Glue On Nozzle1NA10021449827031
82706GON 4″ Glue On Nozzle1NA10021449827062
82708GON 6″ Glue On Nozzle1NA10021449827086
82710GON 8″ Glue On Nozzle1NA10021449827109
82713GON 10″ Glue On Nozzle1NA10021449827130
82715GON 12″ Glue On Nozzle1NA10021449827154
82720GON 2″ Bird Screen1NA10021449827208
82723GON 3″ Bird Screen1NA10021449827239
82725GON 4″ Bird Screen1NA10021449827253
82727GON 6″ Bird Screen1NA10021449827277
82730GON 8″ Bird Screen1NA10021449827307
82733GON 10″ Bird Screen1NA10021449827338
82735GON 12″ Bird Screen1NA10021449827352
82740GON 2″ Escutcheon Only1NA10021449827406
82743GON 3″ Escutcheon Only1NA10021449827437
82745GON 4″ Escutcheon Only1NA10021449827451
82748GON 6″ Escutcheon Only1NA10021449827482
82751GON 8″ Escutcheon Only1NA10021449827512
82755GON 10″ Escutcheon Only1NA10021449827550
82758GON 12″ Escutcheon Only1NA10021449827581