Polyslab® HWS Bases


Engineers Analysis (PDF)

Since the first Polyslab base made its way through the production line of our Melbourne factory in 2005, Polyslab has been embraced as the long awaited alternative and solution to using heavy, bulky, and often fragile pre-cast concrete slabs for a variety of applications. Not only is Polyslab easier to use, every Polyslab Equipment Base is guaranteed to outlast the unit it supports with each individual design the result of detailed and costly structural engineering and analysis.

Polyslab is now a common name across a variety of industries and the preferred product by end users in Mining, HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air-Conditioning), Refrigeration, Electrical, Plumbing, Construction, Rural and more. The retail market is also finding great uses for Polyslab as a camping and caravan/RV accessory, or a domestic solution with near limitless applications. Polyslab is Australia’s most trusted Equipment Base and the product of choice with a proven history of exceeding usage expectations. Polyslab alleviates issues associated with Workplace Health and Safety due to its lightweight, user friendly properties. It won’t lead to skin irritations due to reactions/buns from cement based materials and won’t result in injuries such as sprains, strains, abrasions, cuts and bruises from handling heavy and cumbersome concrete slabs/pavers. Polyslab is the lightweight, recycled, eco-friendly, Australian made, wholly Australian owned, UV stabilised, durable and impact resistant solution you’ve been looking for.

With a super strong and continually growing support network and literally millions of usage applications across Australia, New Zealand and the USA, the choice to use Polyslab is an educated and well respected decision. See our product brochure or distributors list or contact our friendly staff for more information.

  • Australian Made
  • Recycled Materials
  • Eco-friendly
  • UV Resistant
  • Impact Resistant
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Supports all Hot Water System Bases
  • Will Outlast the Unit it Supports
  • Manufactured to AS/NZ 3500.4 Standards
  • 550kg Load Rating
  • Stackable Design
  • Multiple Channels for Maximum Stability