Evo-Crete® Mounting Kits


What is Evo-Crete?

Brochure (PDF)

The kit consists of 4x Rubber Anti-Vibration Mounts, 4x Stainless Steel Washers & 4x Specialised Stainless Steel Evo-Crete Screws.

This is a great accompaniment to any installation on Evo-Crete where the unit requires stability by fixing down. No more cracked concrete slabs due to drilling for bolt/plug anchor points and no more wasted time mucking about with the multiple steps involved. To attach simply use a screwdriver or cordless drill – no pre-drilling required

In such a competitive market, with strategic procurement and specifying being increasingly relied on to drive down costs, it is worthwhile considering the specifications of your foundations as Evo-Crete is proven to save dollars, save time, and increase safety. All of which are important KPIs for any construction work specified and undertaken.